Amanda Zuckerman GiftAt the stroke of midnight, Amanda dressed in a black one-piece swimsuit, heels, thigh-high leg warmers.

She was carrying her handmade whip, a wooden spoon with ribbons dangling from the handle.

When Amanda came up to the HOH room where all the houseguests minus Judd and Helen were present and says, “It’s McCrae’s 24th birthday and I heard you like dominating women.”

Amanda then proceeds to give McCrae 24 spankings and follows it up with 24 very naughty kisses while many of the house guests watched.

The only house guest that seemed not amused was Elissa.

Now the house is in a bit of an uproar and many of the house guests are discussing Amanda and her inappropriate birthday gift, suggesting it would have been better given in private. Helen and Spencer discussed how uncomfortable displays like Amanda’s make them.

Spencer even going so far as to say that girls like Amanda only attract a “certain” type of guy.