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Andrew Brady and Shane J Share Intimate Bath

12th January 2018BB Nutters

Andrew Brady and Shane J could be on the road to what would be the best ever Celebrity Big Brother romance, as they share a very intimate-looking bath.

And they even engage in a bit of flanter while in the bath, with Andrew saying:

“Ooh, I dropped the soap I must pick it up!”

He then adds:

“I wouldn’t be very good in prison.”

They then start shaving each other, and Andrew asks Shane:

“Are you actually going to shave your legs in the bath? You can shave my feet if you want!”

Shane then obliges, and Andrew says:

“Oh my foot just went somewhere.”

Shane then responds:

“I didn’t feel it!”

Andrew then jokes:

“I’m not surprised, not by your stories!”

Shane then adds:

“See, this is what gender and sexuality can look like in 2018, two men enjoying a bath together.”

Ashley then joins the intimate bath time Andrew & Shane are taking.

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