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Ann Widdecombe Labels MeToo Movement Whimpery

12th January 2018

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has accused the anti-sexual harassment movement MeToo of trying to destroy men.

Shane J replied:

“Come on Ann, you have to acknowledge that men have done some horrible things to women.”

Widdecombe said:

“And women have done some horrible things to men… there is now such a lot of whimpery and complaints about trivia and snowflakery.”

As Shane J argues the movement is attempting to offer a voice for victims of sexual abuse, Widdecombe added:

“But that is not what the last couple of years has been about in this country. It’s been about destroying men and the whole judicial system is loaded against men.”

She then accused her fellow housemate of arguing that two wrongs make a right after he said men had been destroying women.

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