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Big Brother Canada 6: Round 2 Power of Veto Competition Results

12th March 2018

The noms are on the Block but now is their chance for safety the winner of the Veto can change up Ryan’s decisions and be safe from the renom.

Prior to the Power of Veto, Ryan tells Canada that he has a plan to save both Hamza and Andrew from the block and wants one of them to win Veto to backdoor Olivia this week.

Ryan then works to get the three players picked to throw it however, they discuss this with the other houseguests and they figure out he is trying to backdoor someone.

To win this weeks POV the six players had to untie their hands and then they must hit a target with an arrow, Once they hit the target they could run and get a puzzle piece.

They needed to get all their pieces and then assemble the puzzle and the first player to solve it, and open a tomb, wins POV, $5,000, and get to see an advance screening of Tomb Raider.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 Veto Comp:

Ryan (HoH) and Andrew & Hamza (Noms)
Players picked: Erica, Jesse, Johnny

Erica won the POV

Ryan tries to convince Erica to use the Veto and pitches her the idea of trying to get Mandy out the game.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 Veto Meeting:

Erica decides not to use it.

That means the final nominations for the week are Andrew and Hamze with that target looking to be Andrew this week.

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