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Big Brother Canada 6: Round 6 Power of Veto Competition Results

8th April 2018

The nominations are on the Block but now is their chance for safety the winner of the Veto can change up Erica’s decisions and be safe from the renom.

Ryan again really need this Power of Veto win, because at this point he is going home this week!

The Power of Veto player also wins a trip to London.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 6 Veto Comp:

Kaela (HoH) and Ryan & Will (Noms)
Players picked: Erica, Derek, and Johnny

They must go around tables to pick up glasses and once they collect 21, they have to stack them up to form a pyramid.

If a cup drops, they must start over but first player to stacks their pyramid wins POV.

Johnny won veto!

Johnny considers using the Veto to save Will, but Kaela really wants to see that happen as she starts telling people that Johnny has mentioned them as a replacement nominee.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 6 Veto Meeting:

As Johnny did not use the POV we’ll wait to see if Canada saves anyone…

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 6 Canada Veto:

Used to save Ryan.

That means the final nominations for the week are Will & Erica with that target looking to be Erica this week.

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