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Big Brother Canada 6: Round 7 Power of Veto Competition Results

15th April 2018

The nominations are on the Block but now is their chance for safety the winner of the Veto can change up Derek’s decisions and be safe from the renom.

This weeks competition, they had to compete in rounds of competition.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 6 Veto Comp:

Derek (HoH) and Ryan & Johnny (Noms)
Players picked: Maddy, Olivia, and Paras

For the first round everyone had to launch balls at a target – The player to get their ball closest to the target automatically advanced to the final round.

For second round, Paras and Olivia had to compete against each other as the last two placed in round one. They had to focus their launch at knocking down target cutouts. Olivia won this round, so Paras was eliminated.

Third round was Derek against Olivia. Derek easily hits his first target, and then they start coming down one by one. Derek wins the round.

The fourth round is Ryan against Derek. Derek beats Ryan easily.

The fifth round, it is between Derek and Maddy. Maddy actually does pretty well and it gets pretty close, but Maddy stops caring because they have the same agenda. Derek wins.

The final round is Derek against Johnny. This is also a pretty close battle, which each one knock it out one by one.

Derek won the Veto!

Ryan wants Derek to not use the Veto because he thinks he has the best chance to stay in the game against him. Johnny tries to make deals to stay in the game with Derek using the Veto.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 6 Veto Meeting:

Derek did not use the veto!

This is the fourth week in a row that Ryan has found himself on the block come eviction night, but this week there is no miracle veto to save him.

That means the final nominations for the week are Ryan & Johnny with that target looking to be Johnny this week.

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