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Big Brother Canada 6: Round 1 Power of Veto Competition Results

9th March 2018

Johnny agonizes over who to nominate he eventually settles on nominating Rozina because she was rooting for Paras to win over him.

The noms are on the Block but now is their chance for safety the winner of the Veto can change up Johnny’s decisions and be safe from the renom.

To win this weeks POV houseguests must squirm down a sort-of race track to push a ball into a hole while dressed like worms, te first player to get all their balls in the holes in their lane, wins POV.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 1 Veto Comp:

Johnny (HoH) and Rozina & Alejandra (Noms)
Players picked: Jesse, Olivia, Hamza

Ali is in the lead, but there is a golden ball that freezes the game as Johnny gets it first and freezes the game what enables he to pull ahead and win this weeks POV.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 1 Veto Meeting:

Johnny decides not to use it.

That means the final nominations for the week are Rozina and Alejandra.

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