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Gate Crashers Veronica and Merron Get Questioned

10th March 2018

A house meeting has put more pressure on Veronica and Merron got put into the hot seat, the two newbies were grilled by the others in a meeting set up by HoH Ryan who has suspected for days that the newbies were able to watch the live feeds before they entered the house and therefore have an advantage over the other players.

“I am sure you guys are going to find out eventually,”

Veronica told everyone about how the newbies became part of the game as a bout of motor mouth took control of her.

“I cannot wait for you guys to find out,”

Merron trying to deflect the fact that both of the newbies were voted into the house by Canada.

Ryan the said

“I just want us all to be on the same page,”

Veronica the responded with

“It is actually better that you all thought we were b———-g,”
“It would have been different if I talked to you guys for the last three minutes and fabricated this whole thing and you were just like…Wow.”
“We are not in the position to be lying to you right now,”
“Just know you will find out everything you want to know, eventually.”

The meeting went on for about ten more minutes with the newbies continuing to tap dance as fast as they could as more and more questions were thrown their way.

Following the meeting, Erica, Alejandra and Olivia chatted in one of the bedrooms confirming that their goal next week is to target one of the newbies.

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