Hazel O'Sullivan ToplessDespite taking somewhat of an attitude towards glamour models, Topless pictures have been released to a lads’ mag.

Zoo magazine include “a blonde Hazel in a fishnet bodice that bared all, two topless pics and one of her completely nude, with only her hand covering her modesty.”

Hazel’s model pal Kelly Donegan told the newspaper: “I didn’t know that she’d done them and the first I heard was when friends texted me about it last night — I suspect she didn’t tell anyone about them.

“It seems like they were a good few years ago, she must have been about 18 or 19.

“People make mistakes when they’re young and if they achieve some level of fame, it all comes out.”

Speaking previously about her modelling work, Hazel insisted she would never pose topless and had even turned down offers from Zoo magazine in the past.

“I’ve no problem with other girls going topless, it’s just not my thing,” she said. “I think they thought I was mad in Zoo because they have a queue of 100 girls who’d jump at the chance.

“I’ve never done topless shoots. I know when I appear in lingerie or beachwear I’m essentially selling sex, but I like to sell it a different way — with some clothes.”