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Johnny Mulder Wins The First Big Brother Canada 6 HoH

8th March 2018

The first Head of Household competition soon begins after the seven hell players learn their fates and whoever lasts longest without falling into a pit wins the first HoH of Big Brother Canada 6.

Houseguests must hang onto a wall contrapment that continues to lower, making it harder to stay on it and not fall into a pit.

Ali is the first to fall off.

Maddy then soon falls off, and then Rozina. Kaela also goes, then Will, Johnny, and Paras talk about making a deal but Johnny refuses to make a deal because he doesn’t trust Will or Paras.

Will finally falls off, so it comes down to Paras and Johnny she asked him again about making a deal and he still doesn’t accept one.

Rozina starts to yell words of encouragement to Paras to keep her on the wall but she falls off making Johnny the first Head of Household of season.

On tomorrow night’s show viewers will find out who Johnny nominated and in the end, who will be the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother Canada 6 house.

As one exits tomorrow night, two new players will be entering the house. As part of the Canada’s Cast twist either Merron, Mikey, Veronica or Kirsten will be joining the game.

Who do you want to be evicted?

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