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Keshia Knight Plea To Get Sent Home

13th February 2018

It is all about the cold war between Keshia Knight and Omarosa were in the final face-off, and things couldn’t have been more dramatic.

Well, more than the drama, the episode is all about Keshia’s emotional break-down, and her plea to get sent home!

“I was ready to stay and fight but my breast milk supply has kind of been getting a little less.”
They asked me honestly and I was like, ‘You know, to tell you the truth, since you guys put me up on the block anyway, it’s time for me to go home,”
“It’s time for me to make sure that Ella’s OK, ’cause she is my priority.”

Keshia, got deeply emotional while pleading with her fellow houseguests to vote for her, and in the end every one of them unanimously heeded her request.

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