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Ryan Ballantine Crowned Big Brother Canada 6 HoH

9th March 2018

With Rozina being the first houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother Canada 6 after being nominated by Johnny and evicted by the hole house.

It’s now time to crown a new HoH.

For this week’s Head of Household competition, the players filled out a questionnaire about their first impressions of each other and they then had to toss drinks in other houseguests faces who they believed were the answer to the survey question.

If answered correctly, that player picked another player to eliminate. If answer incorrectly, the player who answered wrong would be eliminated.

First round: Andrew buzzes in first. He tosses his drink in Ryan’s face, which is correct. He scores one point and gets to eliminate Olivia.
Second round: Erica buzzes in first. She tosses her drink in Derek’s face. She eliminates Andrew.
Third round: Maddy buzzes in first. She throws her drink in her own face, but the answer is Kaela. She gets eliminated.
Fourth round: Jesse buzzes in with wrong answer. He gets eliminated.
Fifth round: Paras buzzes in with wrong answer. She gets eliminated.
Sixth round: Kaela buzzes in with right answer. She answers Hamza and eliminates him.
Seventh round: Derek buzzes in with wrong answer. He gets eliminated.
Eighth round: Ryan answers correctly and eliminates Kaela.
Ninth round: Ali answers incorrect and gets eliminated.
Tenth round: Will buzzes in and answers incorrectly.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 HoH:

Ryan is crowned the new HoH

After the HoH competition Erica tries to smooth things over with Andrew, because they’ve been friends since day 1 she tells him that she only eliminated him because the house is against him.

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